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The ACNM IL Affiliate offers two (2) scholarships to midwifery students to attend the current year ACNM Annual Meeting. These scholarships are awarded to facilitate a graduating student’s entrance into their professional career and to encourage their lifetime involvement in ACNM. These scholarships include reimbursement of the student member registration fee plus a the cost of a review course. Applications are due February 20. We will notify awardees by March 15, 2023 for registration to ACNM Annual Meeting.



To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be in their last year of their primary midwifery education, in good academic standing and anticipating graduation within the current year, and must be current student members of ACNM IL.


Students from other affiliates are encouraged to contact their affiliate regarding any scholarship offerings.


Our application process includes:

· Completed application form emailed to

· An email affirmation from a faculty/preceptor of your program acknowledging good academic standing in an academic midwifery program and expected graduation date.

· A personal statement identifying why your application for this award should be considered, briefly identifying your professional dedication, financial need, and/ or other factors that can be used to weight your application.



The ACNM IL Affiliate seeks to promote inclusivity and increased diversity.





Applicant Email address:

 Midwifery Program:

Anticipated graduation date:

Faculty / Preceptor name:



Please have your faculty send an email to: verifying your enrollment and expected graduation date.


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