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Supporting Trans and GNC Birthers with Trystan Reese

2.5 CEU ACNM specialty credit hours, available through June 2022

In this interactive session, Trystan will be examining the full spectrum of trans fertility, including how to support trans people who haven’t medically transitioned, what the effects are of medical transition on fertility and nursing, postpartum considerations for trans gestational parents... and more. Trystan will be bringing diverse voices to the conversation as you learn how to understand, welcome, and support trans and gender non-conforming pregnant people in your practice.


Trystan Reese is a professional trans educator and gestational parent who brought his pregnancy story to millions of people across the globe in 2017. Now that his beautiful baby is born, he is dedicated to deepening the conversation about trans reproductive journeys with his training, Seahorses and Unicorns.

This workshop is in collaboration with Cornerstone Doulas who are internationally recognized as leaders in birth justice and advocacy. 


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2021 Sister Sheila CME -  3 CEUs

Session 1: Saving Lives! Transforming Maternal Health in America’s Materno-toxic Zones 

Presented by: Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM 

Founder and Director of Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery

Jennie Joseph is a British-trained midwife who fights to ensure every person has their healthiest possible pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience with dignity and support.

Jennie created The JJ Way® which is an evidence-based, maternity care model delivering readily-accessible, patient-centered, culturally-congruent care to women in areas that she terms 'materno-toxic zones'. Her focus and drive is to ensure that Black women and other marginalized people remain safe and empowered inside broken and inequitable maternity health systems that have become dangerous and all too often, lethal. She is the Executive Director of her own non-profit corporation Commonsense Childbirth Inc. which operates a training institute, health clinics and a birthing center in Orlando, Florida, and is also the founder of the National Perinatal Task Force, a grassroots organization whose mission is the elimination of racial disparities in maternal child health in the USA. Jennie is the founder and a proud member of The Council of Midwifery Elders, she serves on the Advisory Council for the Congressional Black Maternal Health Caucus and is a Fellow of The Aspen Institute.


Session 2: It Can Be Done: Anti-racist Birthwork & Birth Outcomes

Presented by: Anya Tanyavutti, M.A.Ed.

Executive Director, Chicago Volunteer Doulas


Anya Tanyavutti has over 20 years of experience working in the fields of education, non-profit leadership, and community engagement. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Masters degree in Socio-Cultural Studies and Educational Thought, both from Western Michigan University. Her work history has included administrative leadership of a birth justice organization, a Community Schools department, youth development program administration, teaching at the elementary level and strategic planning consultation. Her work experience has included significant fiscal management of complex budgets in times of growth and loss, stewardship of relationships and extensive staff supervision. Ms.Tanyavutti's work and academic experience has afforded her knowledge and awareness of emerging strategies and priorities in community organizing and schools including education equity policy and research, the impact of social and emotional learning and restorative justice, literacy development, culturally relevant pedagogy, and family and community engagement.  She is President of the Evanston/Skokie D65 Board of Education, an engaged D65 parent participating in D65 Early Childhood programs, and served on the PTA Council's Navigating Real Life Diversity Series and current Next Steps Series planning committee. Ms. Tanyavutti is the Executive Director of Chicago Volunteer Doulas, Inc. a birth justice organization providing comprehensive doula care to the Chicagoland community through 4 programs, including birth and postpartum doulas and the first of kind in the nation peer doula program at Logan Correctional Facility. Lastly, Ms. Tanyavutti and her husband are the proud parents of three amazing children.  

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Session 1: Perinatal Depression presented by Illinois DocAssist

Session Objectives:

1.    To recognize and effectively identify and treat perinatal depression

2.    To demonstrate understanding of and identify the risks of psychotropic drug use in pregnancy and lactation

3.    To demonstrate understanding of evidenced based pharmacologic treatments for perinatal depression

About the Presenters:

Dr. Ashley Mulvihill is board certified in both General Psychiatry and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. She is a designated Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMH-C).  She completed  adult training and child fellowship at Uinveristy of Illinois-Chicago (UIC). Dr. Mulvihill currently works at UIC both in the Women’s Mental Health Program and Child Adolescent Division to expand integrative clinical services around maternal-child mental health. She also serves as an IllinoisDocAssist Consultant providing education and consolation for child psychiatry and perinatal mental health.


Rhapsody Mason is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). In her work with Illinois Doc Assist she provides consultation and training to providers around psycho-social concerns. Often this involves providing assistance in identifying  local referral resources and navigating complex service systems. In addition to her work with Illinois DocAssist,  Rhapsody is a therapist in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department at the UIC. Throughout her career, Rhapsody has been dedicated to serving children and their families with unique social and emotional needs in a variety of clinical capacities including  early intervention, pediatric offices,  therapeutic schools and preschool programs as well as therapeutic residential programs.

Session 2: Alternative Approaches to Treating Perinatal Mental Health Disorders presented by Dr. Andrea Lee, OB/GYN, PLLC

Session Objectives: 

1.    Begin to be able to implement mindfulness practices into clinical setting and clearly understand their clinical implications 

2.    Understand and begin to implement the role of movement into mental health treatment

3.    Help to guide patients in understanding the role of food and nutritional supplements/herbs in managing depression and anxiety

About the Presenter:

Dr. Andrea Lee, Integrative Gynecologist, offers holistic care to women of all ages, providing care that addresses the physical, emotional and mental aspects of wellness.  She currently works at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL - Ob/Gyn Triage Attending, where she supervises residents, students and nurses in obstetrical triage department and high risk obstetrical patient management.  She also works at Erie Family Health Center, Chicago, IL, where she provides OB/GYN and primary care. Through Erie, she advises midwives and residents in clinic, on Labor and Delivery and in surgeries at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Lee organized and lead the OB/CNM monthly meetings from 2006 through 2008. Dr. Lee introduced the idea of a Birth Center to Erie and was part of the task force to develop a birth center model for Erie, providing out of hospital births to low risk women (September 2003 – 2014).  Dr. Lee aided in passing birth center law in 2007, writing rules and regulations for the state and setting a Medicaid facility fee for birth centers (October 2003 – present).  Currently Dr Lee is in the process of creating a curriculum for group visits such as postpartum period, adolescent health and menopause.

Upon $30 registration through Paypal, access to videos and accompanying PowerPoint presentations will be emailed. 

To claim CE hours, return completed evaluation to

2020 Sister Sheila CME Perinatal Mental Health - 1.5 CE and 0.5 Pharm hours

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