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Certified Nurse Midwives are licensed health care practitioners educated in the two disciplines of nursing and midwifery.

They provide primary care to women, including:

  • Prenatal Care 

  • Labor and Delivery Care 

  • Care after Birth 

  • Gynecological Exams 

  • Newborn Care 

  • Assistance with Family Planning Decisions 

  • Preconception Care 

  • Menopausal Management 

  • Counseling in Health Maintenance 

  • Disease Prevention

The Heart of Midwifery Care for women and newborns lies more in the nature of that care, than in its specific components.

Midwifery practice has a firm foundation in the critical thought process and is focused on the prevention of disease and the promotion of health, taking the best from the disciplines of midwifery, nursing, public health and medicine to provide safe, holistic care.

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ACNM Illinois State Affiliate

May 19, 2024, 5:00 PM
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Midwives Make a Difference


ACNM Illinois State Affiliate


Reinforcing our Commitment

The Board of Directors of the Illinois Affiliate of the American College of Nurse Midwives celebrates the work of Illinois non-profit organizations that support the people and communities we care for.  Midwives work with these organizations to support our patients in caring for their whole selves and families.  

Philanthropic support from the Illinois ACNM Affiliate is available annually for non-profit organizations working in alignment with midwives on issues including (but not limited to) access to health care, social services, mental health, and reproductive justice.   Donations up to $1,000 are available annually for a specific project, event, or program.

Applications NOT Yet available for 2023.  Funds are distributed in September. 

Student Scholarships

American College of Nurse-Midwives Illinois Affiliate Scholarship Application


In order to increase diversity and inclusion in our profession, the ACNM Illinois Affiliate is once again offering four $1000 scholarships to Illinois students of color currently enrolled in a midwifery program or planning a career in midwifery. Two scholarships will be awarded to students currently enrolled in a ADN or BSN program, and two scholarships will be awarded to two students currently enrolled in a Master’s or Doctorate midwifery degree program.  


To be considered for the award, one must be:

  • A resident of Illinois 

  • Identify as a person of color (Black, Indigenous, other Person of Color)

  • Planning a career midwifery or currently enrolled in a midwifery program  


To turn in a completed application, please email the following to :

  • Demographics form (see below)

  • One essay (see list below)

  • CV or resume

  • Letter from a faculty member on staff within your program that states that you are a student in good standing (this can be emailed separately)


All materials are due by September 16, 2022.   


Awardees will be notified on September 25 and be invited to attend the annual Lillian Runnerstom Fall Dinner on Wednesday, October 5 in Chicago to accept their award (attendance at this dinner is optional and will not affect the winners’ award status).


Demographics Information







Graduation year and degree:


Please choose one of the following to answer in 600 words or less:

  1. If you could tell the entire world at once about midwifery, what would you say and why? 


  1. Tell us about an experience you had that sparked your interest in midwifery:


  1. Tell us how you plan to make a difference as a midwife in your community:


Send completed form and supporting documents to:


Chicago, IL

Thanks for submitting!

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